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Club teams offer players an opportunity to play competitively outside of Winchester.  Club teams tend to play in the summer & fall.

There are a lot of clubs in Emass.

Most have tryouts in the fall or early spring but many will still have spots for a few summer teams or for select tournaments and at least one (Rev) provides tryouts on an ongoing basis so it never hurts to contact them to see if they are accepting new players. 

Club teams provide different benefits based on the player's age.  The greatest benefit for high school age players is exposure to college coaches for recruiting purposes.  Youth players do not get this but they receive instruction and the opportunity to play lacrosse year round to develop their skills.  

Club teams can be very expensive.  Youth players DON'T NEED TO TRAVEL ALL OVER to have a competitive experience (save that for the summer between sophomore & junior year).  Make sure to check to see what local tournaments a club participates in.  Most will have multiple options within driving distance of Winchester.

Check individual sites for club philosophy & tryout information.  Many of these clubs also offer off-season training opportunities for players that don't require participation on their teams.

Here are just a few of the area club programs:

BayState Bullets - https://www.baystatebullets.com/
Homegrown - http://www.homegrownlacrosse.com/
Mass Elite - http://www.masselite.com/
Mass Mavericks - http://www.fullspeedsports.com/home/603855.html
New England Select - NESLL - http://nesll.org/blog/
New England Twisters - http://netwisters.com/

New England United - http://www.newenglandunited.com
Revolution Lacrosse - http://www.revolutionlacrosse.com/
Synergy Lacrosse - http://www.synergylax.com/synergy-1.html